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“ Hello, my name is Christofer Sandin. This is my personal site.
I’m a former athlete, running a design and technology company called Republic Factory in Göteborg, Sweden, where I mainly do web development.

Every now and then I do write here in the journal, and occasionally I do post some photos in the photo album — but not nearly as often as I thought I would.”

Felicia's little brother

Five months ago our family of three became four. Felicia’s little brother Hugo made his entrance and we couldn’t be happier with a girl and a boy.

Hugo and dad

Hugo and dad.

What’s even better is watching the big sister taking care of her little brother and, from that moment in time, I guess that you just have to deal with the fact that your importance in the family all of a sudden dropped one position. But that is something I’ll take every day if it means they’ll get along like they do now.

On another subject, I had some intentions about writing here more often. But, as you clearly can see, that didn’t happen. Maybe next year…

I’d like to round off the year by wishing all of you a really great 2014. And, as usual, make it the best one yet!


September 8th, 2012, Beatrice and I finally got married. Or like an old friend of ours put it, “took you long enough”. We’ve been together for 11 years, and have been living together for 10 years, so I guess we deserve a few comments like that.


Photo of the photo session.

We had a fantastic day from early morning to late night. The weather was very nice for being September in Sweden, and almost everyone of our close friends was able to attend.

Felicia was with us in church during the ceremony and that just made it even better. She even got the priest to do a few dance moves during one of the solo songs. The church, called Kållereds kyrka, is a really old one from the 12th century and a perfect size for the amount of guests we had.

After that we had a great dinner and party at Hills Golfklubb in Kållered. There were a lot of great speeches, great food and wine and a perfect dinner in all regards.

We’ve now been happily married for almost a month!

Update; We’ve just got tons of photos from our wedding photographer, and I’ll add some more pictures before long, just got to go through the 2000+ photos and select a few first…

Happy Holidays

I’ve been thinking about writing something here for a while, but as you clearly can see, that rarely happens.

Usually, I’m pretty creative in the evenings and I used to stay up tinkering with new things, looking at new technology or trying out something that I hadn’t had a chance to look at before. Having a soon to be two-year-old is great, and I truly mean that, but it do have impact on things like sleep, so lately those creative evenings have been pretty limited and the time have been spent trying to catch up on sleep instead.

A lot of people say that these things usually change after the first two years, and that you actually get to experience a night or two in a non-zombie mode again once in a while, so I’m looking forward to that and keeping my fingers crossed…

Summarizing 2011, I must say that we’ve had a great year at Republic with a lot of interesting projects and that I still enjoy going to work in the mornings. Since we’re a small company that also means that you have to work quite a lot from time to time, but I’m proud of the fact that we have been able to keep ourselves working normal hours more or less the whole year.

The digital world changes from day to day and it’s a lot of things you need to keep up with, but at the same time this means that there are plenty of opportunities where you can utilize your skills and experience and help people out. The way we use our phones, tablets and computers are changing rapidly, and being a small company also means we can be pretty agile. Agile equals fun and interesting.

On a personal note we’re really looking forward to Christmas this year since this is the first time in quite a while that Felicia will be able to spend some time with her relatives that usually lives in USA and Hong Kong (amongst others).

You can’t replace meeting people in person, but when that’s not an option Skype works wonders. It’s amazing that it’s completely normal for Felicia, soon two years old, to use my iPhone or the computer to call someone half a world away and have a video session. She can even tell us to “call my aunt on the computer” when she wants to see her…

Thinking that I grew up with a 286 and Space Invaders, before getting a 386 where I had to learn how to load the mouse driver high, amongst other things, in autoexec.bat and config.sys to free up some of the first 640 kb of internal memory to be able to play SimCity (in splendid EGA 640x350 pixels and 16 colors) at the age of 10, I’d say we at least managed to make technology more accessible in the last 20 years…

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Here’s to 2012, hope it will be the best year so far for all of you.

Mustaschkampen 2011

Då var det dags igen! Jag hoppas sprida lite glädje med min mustasch och samtidigt samla ihop lite pengar till Cancerfonden i år igen.

Samtidigt känns det mer relevant än någonsin då en av våra vänner nyligen förlorade kampen mot cancern efter ett par års fight.

Alla bidrag gör skillnad, stora som små.


Som så många andra började även jag bli lite trött på vintern, så när de första riktiga vårdagarna slog till kändes det riktigt skönt.

Vi spenderade helgen på landet och Felicia fick utforska området på egen hand för första gången. Tror hon kommer att trivas där framöver.

Tyvärr så blir det däremot ingen fotboll för mig under våren nu när den legendariska korpserien drar igång imorgon. Fotskadan som jag ådrog mig i somras är inte tillräckligt bra och efter att ha provat lite blandade småhopp på en fotbollsplan i förra veckan var det bara att konstatera att det inte håller ännu.

Annars rullar det på och vi försöker hänga med i Felicias tempo från dag till dag, det finns att göra men det är samtidigt riktigt skoj!

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