Christofer Sandin

— Let's get this thing started again.

“Hello, my name is Christofer Sandin. This is my personal site. I’m a former athlete, running a design and technology company called Republic Factory in Göteborg, Sweden.”

This site mainly exists because I used to train and compete in athletics. Although I never reached the biggest arenas and the Olympics, like a few of the people I trained with, I was able to travel the world, compete in many different places and keep myself in pretty good shape for many years. That's also where I met my wife.

Today, the site is slowly transitioning into a personal little place where I write and think about the Internet.

Working with the Internet

I started using the Internet when you still had to dial an ISP with a modem before the web even was a thing, and IRC was the way to talk to other people on the net. Back then, you also called Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) and enjoyed the great-looking ANSI graphics to be able to download things. That was when the web was born, and I started to create websites.

I taught web design in 1998, and since then, I have worked with the web professionally in one way or another. I was having it as a side hustle while studying for my masters and alongside my athletic career and then for real since 2006 when I went full-time. First as a freelancer and then running Republic together with colleagues.

Reading books

I read a lot from time to time, and I have put up a summary of a few books that I thought were worthwhile. The subjects range from personal growth and development to running a business. There are also a few titles that are more of a general interest if you have a curious mind regarding technology, economy, and logic.

The Journal

During my athletics career, I wrote quite a bit on the web, but my writing has been close to none in the last few years. But I do keep the archives online for my own amusement. The old entries can be found in the archive.