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— About web development, technology & some personal reflections

About me


I’m 33 years old, living in Göteborg on the west coast of Sweden. I’m a former athlete, have been a 100m and 200m runner for over 10 years, and a web development professional. I like things like technology, gadgets and design. Also pretty found of travelling, and I’ve been to a lot of different parts of the world. I enjoy meeting interesting people. That’s the short version.

After high school I worked as a web design teacher for almost a year before starting my studies at Chalmers University of Technology here in Göteborg. The life as a student suited me pretty good, especially since it was possible to combine that with athletics. As a result I stayed in school a little longer then most people do, running a small company alongside.


I started my university studies in 1999 and graduated in 2006 with a Masters of Science (MSc) in Electrical Engineering and another MSc in Informatics specializing in Business Technology. During those years I had a couple of months off, while travelling to Australia together with Beatrice in 2002.

There’s a CV under Work if you’re looking for some kind of summary.

Being a dad.

One of the more recent things in our life is our lovely daughter Felicia and our son Hugo. This is me and Felicia when she was a baby.

Felicia and I

What I do for a living.

Nowadays I’m Technical director, and one of the partners, running Republic Factory which is a design and technology company here in Göteborg.

My little company called Sandin Design is still around, but most workdays are spent at “the Factory”.

At Republic we develop all kinds of web technology based sites, systems and applications as well as most types of digital design. We like to be involved in both creative parts like interaction design, graphics design and usability as well as the more technical development process.

Again, check out Work if you’re interested in the details.


I really enjoy travelling. I’ve been to quite a few places and I like to continue to add new ones to the list. When I was living with my parents I’ve been celebrating Christmas in Gambia, New Years Eve on the Cook Islands and enjoyed both summer and winter in Australia.

Later, mostly thanks to athletics, I’ve been to South Africa and most countries in Europe. Beatrice and I have also been fortunate to be able to do two long trips to Australia and back.

I really enjoy living in Göteborg, it’s not too big, neither too small, and it’s close to most friends and family. And, Sweden is a great country to live in. However, since my family and I got so many friends in Australia it almost feels like a second home. I’ve been there five or six times already, and I’ll be back for sure!

About this web site.

In February 2007 I wrote that:

I have decided to writing in English, but some news in the journal will still be in Swedish. I want to present a personal web site, inspired by a minimalistic design, and write about my athletics career as well as my interests in technology and design. At the same time, now and then commenting on what’s going on in the world today. I guess that’s still the case, but I do write more seldom then I like and my athletics career is now a former career.

The interesting posts about “what’s going on in the world” aren’t many, but I’ll try to be a bit more inspiring from now on… Let’s see how that goes.