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— Running really fast is a great feeling


Track has been a large part of my life and I’ve spent a lot of hours at the track or in the gym every week. I competed for Mölndals AIK Friidrott the first nine years of my career and represented Ullevi Friidrott between 2007 and 2009. I ran the 100m and 200m.

Even though I’m retired from track now I decided to keep this part of the web page up, mostly as a way for myself to remember what I did and to keep track of things.

From football to athletics.

I’ve played football, and by that I mean the original kind played in Europe, for the club Kållered SK until I was about to turn 18. That year circumstances, and my physical education teacher, made me try out tack. 18 is usually seen upon as an old age to start doing something a completely new sport but I guess it all turned out pretty good…


Vertical jump at a training session in Slottsskogshallen, just before Finnkampen 2005. Photo: Niklas Maupoix

Representing Sweden for the first time in 2001.

When I decided to put my time and effort into athletics instead of football I got pretty good results right away. After two years I did my first appearance in the junior national team. In 2001 I got to represent Sweden in the European Cup running the 100m and the 4x100m. I ran a 10.51 and even if I was close a couple of times, that result is actually my best time in the 100m if you do not count wind assisted times.

Running 100m

Personal best in the 100m, European Cup in Vaasa, Finland in 2001. Photo: Hasse Sjögren

After this I had the opportunity to combine my studies with a career in athletics for several years. I had great help from a couple of sponsors where Reebok and Fysiken supported my through out my entire career.


I’ve been writing about my athletics career here at this web page during more or less all the years. In 2006 I wrote the following here on my web site;


It is the summer of 2006 and the European Championships is taking place in about one month. It’s been quite some time since I updated this page on the web site. […] But this is what I wrote almost two years ago:

The summer of 2006 is two years away. For the next two years my main focus will be the European Championships here in Göteborg 2006. My ambition is to be able to perform my best during those championships and that I will experience the event from the track with 50.000 persons in the seats on Ullevi Stadium…

… and that is still my goal for this summer.

Up until now I have managed to run a 10.49w in the 100m - that is below the qualifying standards but the little ‘w’ means it was made with a too strong tail wind. We ran a pretty good 4x100m relay in the European Cup, and I think that it’s looking really good for a relay team in the Europeans. But, my main ambition is to qualify in the 200m - to do that I have to run 21.10, which is 1/10 second better that I did last year.

What happend then?

I did make it to the Europeans Championships in Göteborg 2006. Unfortunately, only as a relay runner in the Swedish 4x100m team. 10.49w was the fastest 100m time that summer and my performance in the 200m was not good enough.

I had a decent year in 2007, but after that my athletics career was more or less equal to being injured. I did manage to run a couple of competitions in 2008, and the last part of the summer was all right when taking into account the limited time I had to get in shape.

Running 100m at DNGalan

DNGalan in Stockholm, this year in the national heats. Photo: Hasse Sjögren

In 2009 I only ran one competition. We won the silver medal in the 2009 relays at the Swedish Championships. That also became my last competition since I injured my hamstring a couple of weeks later. I then took the decision to say “Thank you” and good buy to my athletic career. I just found out that I was supposed to be a dad for the first time and I had a lot to do at work so it seemed like it was about time.


I’ve got a lot of people to say thanks to. The ones that I’ll always remember are the people who coached me during the years. Stefan Rönnäs helped me out the first year, and then Annika Dahlgren somehow managed to endure working together for a lot of years until we both felt we needed some new ideas. That’s when Peter Karlsson, the Swedish record holder in the 100m, teamed up with us for a year before moving to China. Finally, I had the pleasure to train with Anders “Palmas” Palmqvist the last four years.

There are a lot of other people that helped me out during parts of my career. You really need a good team around to be able to keep the body in good enough shape to be able to do all sessions week after week. I’d especially like to mention the physio therapheuts Sixten Grönberg and Göran Johansson, osteopath Börje Andersson and Dr. Sverker Nilsson for helping me out during the years.

I won’t go into listing all my friends, competitors and team mates from all those years but I like to say thanks to Håkan Andersson for dragging me up to Sundsvall when I was a rookie and then letting me tag along to Formia a couple of times (even if I did manage to injure myself on all those occasions in Italy…). And, finally, to Torbjörn Erikson who I had the pleasure of living with on my first training camp with the national team. Torbjörn, who also introduced us to Sticky Vicky, an experience that can’t be described in words….

Personal bests and other merits

Swedish senior national team

Swedish junior national team

Swedish Championships

Swedish Junior Championships

Best results, year by year

Below is a table with the best results every year since I started running, that was in 1997 and the results from that summer is what I did without any track training what so ever.

I injured my back (got a slip disc) just before the 2002 season. I managed to compete some despite the injury that summer but afterwards I had to spend the entire year doing rehab, and that shows in the results from 2003…

Results year-by-year

Results year-by-year
Year Age 60m 100m 150m 200m
1997 18   11.45   23.50
1998 19 7.11i 11.05 / 10.85w   22.33
1999 20   10.57   21.68
2000 21 6.87i 10.69 16.00 21.66
2001 22 6.82i 10.51   21.22
2002 23   10.72   21.66
2003 24   10.92 / 10.89w   22.02
2004 25   10.62 / 10.48w?   21.59
2005 26 6.90i 10.61 15.85 21.22
2006 27 6.87i 10.65 / 10.49w 16.09 21.43 / 21.82i
2007 28 6.87i 10.79 / 10.71w 16.10 21.40 / 21.78i
2008 29 6.88i 10.68 / 10.54w 15.96 21.85 / 22.07i
2009 30 Only relays, no individual races due to injury