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Short summary in English

I’ve been really bad at writing in English here at the web page for quite some time. But since I know that some of you don’t speak a word of Swedish I decided to write a short summary of the last weeks.

The four weeks in South Africa was great! Really loved the place where we stayed and got to say that Potchefstroom is an ideal place for training (next time we’ll get a car though, so you can go down and get a decent cappuccino even if it’s raining). Unfortunately, I got sick just after I got back and since I thought I was better I ran the indoor championships anyway. Shouldn’t have done that. Performed really bad and got sick again.

The last week I’ve just been at home trying to get back on my feet and charging the batteries for the tough training that’s about to start. Tomorrow.

Beatrice has been training really good for quite some time now and we’re both really happy that she’s back on her feet (sorry, couldn’t help using that expression). I’ll try to write in English once in a while from now on, but remember that I wrote ‘try’… ;-)

Take care and hope to talk to you soon! At least the ones of you that I know…

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