Journal | Christofer Sandin

"Faktum" is on the verge of bankruptcy

During the last year the financial status of the magazine Faktum here in Göteborg has become worse and worse. A steady decline in the number of magazines sold has resulted in fewer ads from the corporate world and it was with the smallest margin possible that the last number (#33) reached the streets.

So why do I care? Faktum is the local edition of street-papers sold by homeless around the world. There are a lot of demands on the people selling these magazines, they are not allowed to drink or take drugs on duty and they have to be courteous and only sell the magazine in their given area. This is people that actually tries to do something about their current living situation and are working towards a better future – that is admirable.

The big break-through for this project came in London in September 1991, when the first number of The Big Issue was released. After two years it was Britain’s fastest growing magazine and opened up possibilities in other cities and countries.

So, next time you walk by someone selling Faktum here in Göteborg, buy an issue. It’s only 30 kr. And, by the way, it is a really good magazine too…

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